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Wastegate TiAL F38, blue, 0,5 bar

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Manufacturer-No.: 002889

Boost Pressure
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TiAL F38 Wastegate 38mm blue / 0,5 bar

The classic wastegate

With screwed flanges and 38mm valve

The TiAL F38 was launched in 2001 and is still the classic wastegate. Most cast manifolds are based on this wastegate connection. That is the reason why this wastegate was often copied, but never achieved qualitatively. The Wastegate has the same 38mm valve as the MV-S, is about 25mm higher and without water cooling.
A high temperature NiCrFe alloy is used for the valve and the body is cast from 1.4550 (347SS) stainless steel to ensure longevity even under maximum load. The membrane is made of Nomex silicone, which is very temperature resistant and durable. The spring in the wastegate is also made of highly resilient stainless steel, which still works reliably even at temperatures of up to 480°C. The spring is also made of stainless steel. The Nomic 60 stainless steel was used for the valve seat and the valve guide to reduce friction and wear. All other assembly parts are made of stainless steel.
The valve is available in different colours and spring strengths. Depending on the application, steel and stainless steel flanges are available.

Colour: Blue
Spring strength: 0.5 bar
By using 2 springs, the TiAL F38 can be driven with up to 1.6 bar over the spring pressure. Please order a second spring extra for this purpose.

- F38
- F38 Valve seat
- 2 TiAL air connections
- 2 fastening bolts

What you should consider with wastegates

- Small turbo + high boost pressure = small wastegate
- Big turbo + small boost pressure = big wastegate
- The indicated boost pressure refers to the minimum pressure.
- Defective or cheap replica Wastegates can cause extreme damage to turbocharger and engine