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MHI Mitsubishi Performance TD06 Turbo 20G - 3-bolt flange

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Manufacturer-No.: 0606022002

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Universal MHI Turbo 20G 49S79-01160

Original Mitsubishi Performance Turbocharger

TD06H-20G (8cm²) for outputs up to 450PS

Power range: Up to 450PS
Application: Universal
Flange pattern elbow: MHI 3-hole
Flange picture downpipe: N.a.
Wastegate: External

Turbo Features:
- Robust double journal bearing
- Special MHI-Inconel exhaust gas wheel for better response
- Efficient compressor wheel with wide map
- Oil-cooled, no water pipes necessary
All MHI Performance Turbochargers are original Made in Japan.

MHI Performance turbochargers are a high-quality result of an extremely precise production in the motor sports department of the Japanese turbocharger manufacturer Mitsubishi.
All MHI Performance turbochargers have a very wide compressor map which provides optimum performance at any speed and does not know the typical pumping. Compared to other manufacturers, MHI compressor maps have a higher efficiency over a wider field.

In addition, all Mitsubishi Performance Turbos are equipped with double hydrodynamic bearings. The exhaust wheels made of Inconel, in perfect combination with compressor wheels of the latest development, convince with an amazingly early response and torque development even in low rev ranges and with low boost pressure. This means better drivability in the lower and medium speed range, thanks to the best power delivery in the feared turbo lag.

MHI = Made in Japan - Not Made in China.

MHI stands for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. This is a department of the vehicle manufacturer Mitsubishi which among other things deals with the production of turbochargers for own and foreign vehicles. MHI turbochargers are also used in the Porsche Panamera Turbo and BMW 2.0L Turbo.

The MHI turbochargers were among the first turbochargers to come onto the market as China plagiarisms. In particular, the proximity to Japan and the Japanese vehicle market made these plagiarisms interesting for China. We would like to point out here once again with emphasis that still vast quantities of MHI plagiarisms are offered. However, these have nothing to do with the high-precision manufacturing from Japan. We exclusively supply original MHI turbochargers Made in Japan.

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