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Wastegate TiAL F46P, red, 0,5 Bar

Item-No.: 401386
Manufacturer-No.: 1701460305

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TiAL F46P Wastegate 46mm red / 0,5 bar

The wastegate that started it all

With screwed flanges and 46mm valve

The TiAL F46 Wastegate is the first wastegate TiAL started with. It was originally developed as a 1:1 replacement for the Porsche 930 Wastegate. In this context, it was successfully tested in the Porsche GT2 at the 24h race in Daytona.
A high temperature NiCrFe alloy is used for the valve and the body is cast from 1.4550 (347SS) stainless steel to ensure longevity even under maximum load. The membrane is made of Nomex silicone, which is very temperature resistant and long-lasting. The spring in the wastegate is also made of high-strength stainless steel, which works reliably even at temperatures of up to 480°C. The spring is also made of stainless steel. The Nomic 60 stainless steel was used for the valve seat and the valve guide to reduce friction and wear. All other assembly parts are made of stainless steel.
Fits Porsche models with external wastegate with 4-hole wastegate flange.
It is available in silver, black, red, blue and violet.

Colour: Red
Spring strength: 0.5 bar
By using 2 springs, the TiAL F46P can be driven with up to 1.4 bar over the spring pressure. Please order a second spring extra for this purpose.

Note: If you are using the F46P with internal wastegates.Porsche 930 Wastegate, select the boost pressure approximately 0.3 bar below your target boost to reduce back pressure development.

- F46P
- Valve seat ring
- 2 TiAL air connections (ring spigot)
- 8 stainless steel Allen screws and washers for the lid
- 2 gaskets

What you should consider with wastegates

- Small turbo + high boost pressure = small wastegate
- Big turbo + small boost pressure = big wastegate
- The indicated boost pressure refers to the minimum pressure.
- Defective or cheap replica Wastegates can cause extreme damage to turbocharger and engine

EAN: 4063087548779
Boost pressure: 0,48bar / 0,5bar
Model: Wastegate
Color: red
Wastegate: TiAL F46
HAN_old: 1701460305