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+++++ UPDATE 11 / 2020 +++++++
As you know from the news, we are facing a second lockdown. As we are a non-essential business, we will close our walk-in store from Thursday 05/11/20 as long as the restrictions are in place.

We continue to ship online and phone orders as long as we are allowed to do so. Depending on the government rules, this could be forbidden in the near future as well. So we recommend you place your orders earlier rather than later.

We do appreciate your patience if an order might take longer than usual due to all the regulations in place. Be sure, we are still shipping daily what we have in stock, or what we had reordered and get in.

+++++ UPDATE 07 / 2020 +++++++
We are now seeing the effects of the global corona crisis. While we had only isolated difficulties with supply chains in the beginning, it is now becoming increasingly difficult to get goods within the usual delivery times. Manufacturers from the USA in particular are now experiencing problems with their supplies and are lagging behind with order processing due to various local lockdowns. It is now noticeable to us that stocks are becoming emptier and the production of new products is taking longer than usual. Often there is only a shortage of the smallest components. For example, nozzles from Snow Performance which means that entire kits cannot be delivered.

We ask for your understanding that the indicated delivery times can not always be kept and we do not have the possibility to give precise information about the delivery time. Unfortunately, we ourselves receive only little information about delivery times of the manufacturers due to changed structures or overstress in general. Therefore we have only limited possibilities to pass on this information and ask for your patience if things are not running as smoothly as usual.

+++++ UPDATE 05 / 2020 +++++++
Even if there are loosenings in the area of public life, this cannot yet be considered normal. As some countries are still in lock-down and have to deal with the problems of the virus, supply chains are better, but still partly interrupted. We are experiencing extended delivery times from many shipping companies due to a so-called "Christmas Plus" situation. Accordingly, delays in delivery are to be expected. From our experience UPS is still the most reliable delivery service.

We ourselves are also struggling with an increased volume of orders and do not get every order shipped the same day. Please understand this and in urgent cases please choose UPS Exress as your shipping method. Our local sales are still closed.

What does COVID-19 change at TurboZentrum?

Don't panic, we will continue to send orders and answer the most frequent questions with this article.

We take the issue of COVID-19 very seriously and consider the measures taken by governments as a useful solution to limit the spread of the virus to a maximum. Of course, this can only be successful if everyone plays their part and takes the matter seriously. Although the early actions taken by governments restrict the population to a large extent, they will save many lives in the end.

Our solution against COVID-19: You should work on your car! And the best thing is to do it alone.

Q: Will I receive my deliveries as usual when I order from you?
A: We continue to ship normally. Of course, there may be delays due to restrictions on our staff. We recommend "UPS Express" as a shipping method for urgent orders. These are always prioritized and 99% of them go out on the day the order/payment is received.

Q: Can I pick up my items personally at your place as usual?
A: No, due to the personnel situation we have closed the sale on site.

Q: Can you be reached normally?
A: We can be reached by phone and e-mail from 10 am to 4 pm. However, there may be longer response times. We ask for your understanding.

Q: Will there be restrictions in delivery times?
A: It is quite possible that if the situation continues to deteriorate, the shipping service providers will not be able to deliver all deliveries on time. We recommend ordering what you need sooner rather than later. With our 6-month money-back guarantee (when paying in advance) you can also order "too much" and return unused items after the crisis.

Q: How does the current situation affect the ordering times of items that are not in stock?
A: Most of our goods come from the USA. There are some manufacturers here who are experiencing difficulties not only because of COVID-19 but also because of natural disasters. It is quite possible that delivery times indicated cannot be kept. Some suppliers from Italy, for example, are no longer able to send goods. We recommend here to pay attention to the stock display in our shop and to order only stocked items if possible. In case of doubt, we will gladly help you with the selection of alternatives. Important to know: If your order contains both stock items and items on order, we will not share them. The deliveries are always complete, because we assume that the parts always belong to one project section. In case of doubt it is advisable to place 2 orders.

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