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Upgrade Turbo Stage 1 - Garrett 777853-5003 for BMW 325d/330d (E90, E91, E92, E93), 525d/530d (F07, F10, F11), 730d (F01,F02,F03,F04), 30d X5 (E70), X6 30d (E71,E72)

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Stage 1 Optimization of stock turbocharger - Garrett 777853-5003 for BMW 325d/330d (E90, E91, E92, E93), 525d/530d (F07, F10, F11), 730d (F01,F02,F03,F04), 30d X5 (E70), X6 30d (E71,E72)

New OE turbocharger, upgraded. For maximum performance. Plug n Play

Original, new Garrett Turbocharger + milled compressor wheel + reinforced bearings

This upgrade makes your turbocharger more durable, due to the reinforces bearings and also gives you a slight performance increase, because of the lean milled compression wheel.

O.S.T. is a shortcut for Optimized Stock Turbocharger. During optimization a stock turbocharger is fitted with an all new CNC milled compressor wheel which is both flow improved and above all weight reduced. Additionally an improved journal bearing equipped with a special surface coat featuring highest dry run capacity is fitted. Thanks to O.S.T. optimization your turbocharger will gain in performance as well as life span.

Alternative 2596

Alternative number of Turbocharger:
777853-5003 / 777853-5003S / 777853-5003 / 777853-5003S

You will receive the stage 1 optimization that is done on a brand new Garrett turbocharger!

Upgrade your used turbocharger for 640 €

As a more affordable alternative, you can send us your used turbocharger. The overhaul of your used Turbo and the stage 1 optimization will only cost 640 €.
If your used Turbocharger is badly damaged, there may be further expenses. For more information, please contact our TurboService team. The stage 2 optimization of your used turbo can not be bought online.

Every turbocharger that we receive from customers will be treated as a used Turbo. Even if you send us a new one, we will disassemble and examine the turbo, just like a used one. You buy a performance product with a one year warranty, that has to meet highest requirements. Unfortunately there are too many turbos on the market that are not new or original, so we cannot be sure to always receive a new turbo. Thank you for your understanding.

Necessary Modifications

A Turbo is an essential Part of the engine. When optimizing the Turbo you have to individually adapt the software to your new configuration. In order to maximize the performance of your turbo, we recommend to a bigger downpipe, a new exhaust system, a bigger intercooler and a modified air intake. With most engines we also recommend to reinforce the engine.

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