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Turbocharger Upgrade Stage 1 - Garrett 729853-0001

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Turbocharger Upgrade Stage 1 - Garrett 729853-0001

Turbo incl. upgrade for more durability and performance

Original, new Garrett turbocharger + milled compressor wheel + reinforced bearing

With our Stage 1 turbocharger upgrades, you primarily get more durability through our special bearing and more performance through a slimmer milled compressor wheel.

O.S.T. stands for Optimized Series Turbochargers. As part of the optimization process, a standard turbocharger is fitted with a new, milled compressor wheel, which is optimized in flow and, above all, lighter. In addition, a special plain bearing, which has a special coating with the highest dry-running properties, is also fitted. Thanks to the O.S.T. optimization, your turbocharger gets significantly better performance and a longer service life.

Alternative turbocharger numbers:
729853-0001 / 729853-0001S / 729853-5001 / 729853-5001S / 729853-1 / 729853-1S

You will receive a new, original Garrett turbocharger incl. the Stage 1 optimization.

Upgrade your used turbocharger for £640

You are also welcome to send us your used turbocharger- For the overhaul and Stage 1 optimization of your used turbocharger we charge £640.
If the turbocharger has large defects, additional costs may be incurred. Please get in contact with our colleagues in TurboService. It is not possible to order optimization for used turbochargers via the webshop.

Please note:
We treat every turbocharger sent in as a used turbocharger. Even if you send us a new turbocharger, it will be disassembled and tested by us, which results in the same effort as for a used turbocharger. You order a performance product from us, which meets the highest demands and is delivered by us with a 1 year warranty. Unfortunately, there are too many black sheep in the turbocharger industry, so we cannot be sure whether a new turbocharger sent in is really new and/or original. Thank you for your understanding.

Necessary Modifications

You can install a Stage 1 turbo upgrade on an otherwise stock vehicle, but when converting to Stage 2 or 3 turbocharger an individual adaptation of the ECU software is necessary. In order to achieve the maximum performance that the turbocharger delivers, we recommend, depending on the vehicle and engine, a larger downpipe, possibly the entire exhaust system, a larger charge air cooler and a modified intake- Formost cars it is also recommended to strengthen the engine.

EAN: 4063087601856
Car: Mercedes-Benz~E Class~E 400 CDI
Car Brand: Mercedes-Benz
Turbocharger: Stage 1 Upgrade Turbo