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Turbo heat protection jacket IS38 2.0 TFSI EA888 Gen 3 | PTP

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Turbo heat protection for IS38 turbocharger

Turbo blanket for thermal insulation

Protective and performance enhancing

PTP Turbo heat protection blanket insulate the heat produced by your turbocharger. With the aim to keep this heat in the turbine housing and to improve the response behaviour, to keep the intake temperature cooler to protect the components in the engine compartment, as well as to extend its service life and to achieve more just more engine power.
When the heat from the exhaust gases in the hot side of the turbocharger is isolated from the cold side of the turbocharger and the intake, more oxygen in the same volume of air is introduced into the engine, resulting in increased engine power.
PTP turbocharger heat protection blankets were tested at the University of Austin Texas 2016 for a study. Link to study
The results speak for themselves. The PTP turbo blanket improves the efficiency and thermodynamic behaviour of the engine in all respects. Better turbocharger response, bearing housing temperatures remained virtually unchanged, improved spool-up time after shifting, reduced pressure drop during switching and thermal relief of components outside the turbo blanket clearly showed why a PTP turbo blanket should always be installed.
PTP Heat protection materials:
Basalt outer shell (powdered lava stone)
Calcium Magnesium Silicate Wool in the inner area
Overlaid with silicon for increased durability and improved heat protection

The lava heat protection sleeves have been developed for highest demands.

PTP Thermal tolerances:
Inner surface:
Maximum temperature load: 1260°C
Continuous temperature loading: 1000°C

Outer surface:
Temperature limit of direct contact heat: 982°C
Temperature limit radiant heat: 1371°C

For turbocharger:
Suitable for the 2.0L models with EA888 Gen 3 engines

S3 8V 2.0
TT/TTS FV 9 2.0

Leon Cupra 5F 2.0

Polo WRC