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Stage 3 300HP+ Upgrade Turbo MHI 49335-00911 for Renault Clio 1.6 RS Trophy

Item-No.: 135616

Manufacturer-No.: 49335-00911OST3

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Stage 3 300PS+ for Renault Clio 1.6 RS Trophy Turbocharger Upgrade MHI 49335-00911

Plug'n'Play Stage 3 Upgrade Turbocharger for Maximum Performance

Original new MHI turbocharger with Stage 3 CNC compressor wheel, larger exhaust shaft, special bearings

With the Stage 3 optimization we get everything out of the original turbocharger that the latest racing technology allows. The result is a turbocharger that looks 100% like the original and gives you the maximum performance, but always with perfect drivability in mind. The response behaviour and boost pressure build-up is still managable, because what is the point of a lot of power if your vehicle is impossible to control?

As with the Stage 2 optimization we use a milled aluminium compressor wheel with slim contours and extended tip technology. The corresponding CNC machined compressor housing (on our premises) is optimised for gaps and also flow-optimised. The compressor wheel is larger with the Stage 3 optimization than with a Stage 2 optimization, because with a Stage 3 the proportionate exhaust side is increased too. Only in combination with the larger exhaust side is it possible to achieve 300+ horsepower with this turbo. Other upgrade providers often offer too unequal ratios between the compressor and exhaust sides, leading to the opposite result in terms of maximum performance and response.
The turbine housing is also machined and gap-optimised by us in our in-house CNC milling machine in order to accommodate the larger exhaust wheel. In addition to numerous changes to the core assembly, backplate and bearing retainers to optimize durability, we also use a reinforced radial bearing and a reinforced 360° axial bearing here - as in Stage 2.
Technical Details:
- Basis is an original MHI turbocharger (part number: 49335-00911)
- 300PS+ *
- Maximum enlarged compressor wheel **
- Compressor wheel CNC milled in a slim design for maximum air flow and with extended tip technology
- In-house CNC machined and gap optimized compressor housing
- In-house CNC machined and gap optimized exhaust housing
- Exhaust shaft original from MHI
- Reinforced wastegate with increased preload

All work on the turbocharger is carried out on our premises

* The output data refers to the average of all empirical values of existing customers. Since average values also include higher values, we indicate the power with a +. Depending on the fuel, engine modifications and tuning, these values may not be fully achieved or exceeded.
** The size of the compressor wheel is not determined by the structural possibilities, but by the values calculated by us, which provide the greatest possible performance while taking into account optimum drivability and durability.

You will receive a new, original turbocharger including Stage 3 optimization.

Your used turbocharger as an upgrade for £1666

You are also welcome to send us your used turbocharger- For the overhaul and Stage 3 optimization of your turbocharger, we charge £1666.
If the turbocharger has large defects, additional costs may be incurred. Please get in contact with our colleagues in TurboService. It is not possible to order optimization for used turbochargers via the webshop. You must contact us by phone or email.

We will treat any returned turbocharger as a used turbocharger. Even if you send us a new turbocharger, it will be disassembled and tested by us, which results in the same effort as for a used turbocharger. You order a performance product from us, which meets the highest demands and is delivered by us with a 1 year warranty. Unfortunately, there are too many black sheep in the turbocharger industry, so we cannot be sure whether a new turbocharger sent in is really new and/or original. Thanks for your understanding.

Necessary Modifications

When converting to Stage 3 turbocharger, an individual adaptation of the ECU software is required. In order to achieve the maximum performance that the turbocharger delivers, we recommend, depending on the vehicle and engine, a larger downpipe, possibly the entire exhaust system, a larger charge air cooler and a modified intake- Formost cars it is also recommended to strengthen the engine.


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