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SCHROTH Belt - Passenger side - Asm-autocontrol 2 - yellow with black flock

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3-point automatic - harness belt

SCHROTH Sports Harness - From racing to the road

Detailed information

3-point attachment
Shoulder and lap straps: 2 "(50 mm) wide Push-button
Closure asm® system with divider, so that you can continue to use the seats behind it
Tested and approved according to ECE-R 16.04 standard

Scope of delivery:
Everything you need like a sensor, harness and ABG are included. The belt can be installed free of entry on most cars (see list of vehicles)

Asm® system
asm® means anti submarining and means the prevention of diving under the pelvic harnesses. This known phenomenon in a frontal impact is effectively reduced by asm®. Since the system works as an energy converter, it is always necessary to distinguish between left and right belts. The asm® safety system is located on the inner shoulder strap of these straps.

The webbing makes the difference!
The webbing in SCHROTH belts was specially developed and manufactured by us for optimum performance. Each production batch is subject to continuous and meticulous quality controls. SCHROTH uses only polyester, because this material - unlike polyamide (NYLON®) webbing - is much less sensitive to light. In addition, polyester stands out with its resistance to acids (eg: battery acid) and the fact that virtually no moisture is absorbed. Thus, climatic influences have no effect on the behaviour of SCHROTH belts. Polyester is also characterized by better strength / elongation properties and can thus convert more energy during an accident.

As unique is the "memory effect", which we have integrated into the SCHROTH webbing: Special mono-fibers, woven in the transverse direction, act like small leaf springs and keep the webbing flat. As a result, a better load distribution over the entire belt width is achieved. As a particularly pleasant side effect of the SCHROTH webbing, you will feel the rounded edges with their pleasant wearing properties (see graphic).

Installation-specific questions:
Q: Can you fit SCHROTH harness straps into any vehicle?
A: The vehicle must have been checked for installation (please refer to the SCHROTH vehicle list). If your vehicle is not listed, we recommend a conversation with TÜV or DEKRA before mounting.

Q: Is a fitting free of registration?
A: Yes, if the vehicle is listed in the supplied ABG (General Operating and Type Approval).

Q: Where is the SCHROTH belt attached?
A: Depending on the vehicle, the end belt must be attached to either the C-pillar or the D-point (pelvic anchorage point), please refer to the SCHROTH vehicle list. The pelvic straps are attached to the original attachment points of the standard strap.

Q: When is the adapter (01003) needed?
A: If the asm autocontrol is attached to the D-point, the adapter is mandatory.

Q: When installing a SCHROTH belt, does the rear seats fall off?
A: No, SCHROTH belts, except the Rallye Cross and Profi FE harnesses, have a divider lock so you can loosen the front of the end harness. In this case, the original straps are used. Thus, people can be transported at any time on the rear seat.

Q: Why are there left and right straps?
A: Due to the unique asm® security system, we distinguish left and right belts. The shoulder strap with the asm® system must run over the shoulder facing the center of the vehicle. This must be observed during installation.

Q: Can SCHROTH belts be mounted in vehicles with side airbags and belt tensioners?
A: This is not a problem in terms of installation, please note the points for installation listed in the installation and installation instructions. SCHROTH belts are a perfect match for airbag systems and crash tests have proven this.

Questions about SCHROTH specific documents (ABG, vehicle list etc.)
Q: Where can I find the data needed to determine my vehicle by vehicle list?
A: The type designation is listed in the vehicle registration number 3, the EC type approval no. can be found in the vehicle registration document or on the type plate of the vehicle.

Q: Does the ABG have to be carried?
A: Yes, the ABG must always be carried in the vehicle, contravention constitutes a misdemeanour.

Q: Do I need an ABG for each driver and passenger belt?
A: For the same belt type, you only need one ABG for a vehicle that you carry with you in the vehicle.

Q: Some vehicles are marked with a Clearance Declaration in the vehicle list, what does this mean?
A: The vehicle must be demonstrated with the fitted SCHROTH belts TÜV or DEKRA. The SCHROTH completed UE simplifies registration.

Q: Why is my vehicle not listed in the vehicle list?
A: A not inconsiderable number of vehicles have been tested as SCHROTH belt compatible but are not included in the report. This is because an expert and official treatment would be too expensive due to the low number of these vehicles in the field. On request, SCHROTH will issue individual safety declarations for such vehicles, the contents and instructions of which are based on the entire scope of the requirements and which take into account the technical specifications of SCHROTH belt.

Q: What does o and + and - mean in the vehicle list?
A: - = not allowed, o and + = allowed

General questions:
Q: Can someone be taken along on the rear seats with SCHROTH belts put on?
A: No, in this case the driver and front passenger have to buckle up with the original 3 point harnesses. The straps can be separated from the end belt by means of the separating lock.

Q: Can I convert a static strap to an automatic strap or vice versa?
A: No, belts must not be retrofitted as the straps have different properties and must not be combined for safety reasons. In addition, the SCHROTH belts are designed so that a conversion is not possible.

Q: May children wear belt straps with SCHROTH straps?
A: No, SCHROTH Harnesses are not intended for children under 12 years of age or those weighing less than 40 KG and are only approved for the front seats due to the testing requirements.

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