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Milled Compressor Wheel OS13K392 40mm / 50mm

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Milled Compressor Wheel OS13K392

Milled out of high strength, low-weight aerospace grade aluminum for best performance

This product will only be sold to companys that professionally repair or optimize Turbochargers

This compression wheel is used by us for turbo upgrades. The wheel has high blades and a slim nose. The base has as little material as possible. Every single wheel is balanced and double checked. The impellers are machined using highly accurate 5-axis CNC operations.


Only purchase this product, if you are either a company that professionally repairs/optimizes superchargers or you want to hand it to a company that does. When replacing the compression wheel, it is essential to fine balance the core. Please do not attempt to rebuild a turbo by yourself. Approach a professional or contact us before you buy a compression wheel.

Technical Data

Diameter Inducer (B): 40,64mm
Diameter Exducer (C): 50,8mm
Diameter Extended Tip Exducer (D): 52,906mm
Extended Tip Grad / Extended Tip Angle: 18°
Tip Hight (E): 4,0423mm
Superback (F): 2,6mm
Overall Height (G): 25,9mm
Nose Diameter (A): 8,84mm
Bore Size (H): 4,61mm
Cutback (J):
Blade Height (L): 21,211mm
Trailing Angle (I): 55°
Splitter Height (M): 14
Splitter Height Angle (K): -4,5
Rotation: Reverse
Amount of Blades: 6+6

Diameter Outlet / Exducer: 50mm
Diameter Inlet / Inducer: 40mm