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Heavy Silencer - 63,5mm | Simons

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Heavy Silencer - 63,5mm | Simons

Universal silencer

Made solely of stainless steel, very silent

Length (body) : 500mm
Diameter : 220x140mm oval
Connections : 63,5mm (inner diameter, slotted, suited for clamp assembly as well)
Performance rating: up to 350HP

SIMONS silencers are renowned for their exceptional silencing capability. We tested them on multiple vehicles achieving a surprisingly pleasant sound.

All silencers are made of stainless steel with stainless steel connections.

Made in Sweden (no China-Stuff)

No TÜV certification or similar. For use in motorsports only or extra certification per §21.

What does silent mean?

We have compared SIMONS silencers to silencers of other manufacturers by testing their noise. In each test SIMONS silencers achieved the best noise reduction. We have only compared silencers with similar construction, in that case absorption silencers with a persistent pipe without reflection chambers. Reflection silencers achieve an even better degree of noise cancellation but at the cost of greater backpressure meaning less engine performance.

Which silencer is suited best?

The larger the volume of silencer, the better the noise reduction. As to our experience oval silencers seem to have better noise cancellation than round silencers.

Rear silencer or main silencer?

Thanks to their absorption silencer design, our silencers can be used either as end or as main silencer.

EAN: 4250815820034
Connections: 63/63,5mm
Model: Muffler
Type: oval
Material: Stainless Steel