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Garrett GT35 Series Turbine Housing (GT3582R, GTX3582R, etc.) - T3 5-Hole (Ford) 0.82ar

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Turbine Housing T3 5-Hole Ford Style

Single exhaust housing

For GT35 series with 0.82ar

The T3 5-hole Ford style case takes its name from the earlier Ford Cosworth models. It therefore fits directly into Cosworth applications and has become very popular in the universal field. The advantage of this case is that you can drive it with or without internal wastegate. Either a wastegate flap flange is mounted or the small opening is closed. This case is for the Garrett GT35 series turbochargers with 65mm exhaust wheel.

GT3582R (714568-5001 / 714568-5002 / 714568-5003 / 714568-5007 / 714568-5008 / 714568-5009 / 714568-5010 / 714568-5011 / 714568-5012)
GTX3576R (803714-1)
GTX3582R (803715-1)

The Garrett turbochargers allow an easy change of the exhaust casing. This can be used, for example, to change the installation situation. Or the choice of a smaller or larger ar value improves the response or the maximum power can be increased.

EAN: 4063087403245
Flange type: T3 undivided / SingleScroll
Product Type: Turbine housing (external WG) Turbine housing (internal WG)
a/r Value: 0,82ar
Turbocharger: GT3582R GTX3576R GTX3582R