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FIS-Control MIB VW Golf 7 (*Read Description)

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Manufacturer-No.: 5680300021

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VAG Multifunction display in navigation system

OBD Display values in navigation system

The FIS-Control MIB enables the individualized display of various measured values and status information on the standard navigation display.

Instruction for installation:The supplied cable must be plugged in at the CAN gateway in the driver's footwell and laid to behind the glove compartment. There it is connected to the FIS-Control-Box. Additionally the FIS-Control must be looped into the video signal between head unit and monitor. For this purpose the FIS-Control must be connected to the head unit with the enclosed HSD cable and the HSD cable from the monitor must be plugged into the FIS-Control. For this purpose it may be necessary to remove a coding nose on the plug of the cable.


  • Visualization of three measured values as a round instrument
  • Table display of up to 10 measured values
  • Display of notifications from an Android smartphone (eMail, SMS and WhatsApp)

Already supported vehicles

    Prerequisite is an already existing MIB1 or MIB2 with a display resolution of 800x480 or 400x240 pixels and an engine control unit that supports the UDS diagnostic protocol.
    • Audi A3 8V from 05/2012 (*read note)
    • Audi A6 4G from 09/2014 (*read note)
    • Seat Leon 5F from 2013 (*read note)
    • VW Golf 7 (*read note)
    • VW Passat B8 2016 (*read note)
    • We are still looking for testers for other vehicles. You can find more information below in the item description


    The FIS-Control MIB is operated via the multifunction buttons on the steering wheel.


    The special feature of the FIS-Control is that, strictly speaking, it is not a finished product, but a device that can be flexibly configured according to the customer's wishes and can be extended by software updates. In principle, all measured values from the control units can be read out and displayed. The design of the round instruments can be freely changed by exchanging the background graphics and the pointer graphics.
    However, this flexibility also means that the FIS-Control is not ready for use immediately after installation. Using an Android app, the firmware, the graphics for the desired design and a configuration file must first be transferred to the FIS-Control. This can be done wirelessly via Bluetooth.

    Scope of delivery

    • FIS-Control control unit
    • CAN cable set
    • Display cable
    • Unlocking tool

    We are currently looking for test vehicles for the following vehicles. The test would be carried out by the manufacturer in 63667 Nidda (Hessen). Please contact stefan@fis-control.de.
    • Audi A4 8W (from 08/2015)
    • Audi A5 F5 (from 07/2016)
    • Audi A7 4G (from 05/2014)
    • Audi Q2 GA (from 09/2016)
    • Audi Q5 (from 2017)
    • Audi Q7 4M (from 03/2015)
    • Audi R8 4S (from 05/2015)
    • Audi TT 8S (from 07/2014)
    • Seat Leon 5F (from 2013)
    • Skoda Fabia NJ (from 11/2014)
    • Skoda Octavia A7
    • VW Polo 6C

EAN: 4063087779739
Gauge Value: Exhaust temperature Fuel pressure various Throttle position Pressure various Pressure of air suspension Boost pressure Lambda OBD II Oil Pressure Oil Temperature Voltage Temperature various Time & Date water temperature
Car Brand: VW
Accessory: FIS Control
KTYP: 56144,56142,56147,56145,57461,57462,57460,57459,57456,59067,45814,59068,100074,100075,59289,59070,106227,106229,107945,106414,59115,101041,105911,59116,115566,118645,59071,105912,105901,59120,122080,120193,124240,124239,125943,126625,126007,125995,125997,126840,128344,133745,135622,133590,133591,133598,133595,133597,133587,133599,133593,133589,133596,133586,133588,58926,58944,58943,58946,58945,100072,27009,26762,26743,26977,107946,106415,106231,106416,109842,105919,115568,26860,105917,26760,112296,113320,26753,122079,124242,124243,125996,125998,125944,126844,128000,128340,128656,135365