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Cylinder head gasket for CITROĖN 1.6 VTi 120 / BERLINGO box (B9) / 78,50mm / 0,90mm | ATHENA

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Cylinder head gasket CITROĖN 1.6 VTi 120

Multi-Layer head gasket, bore 78,50mm / thickness 0,90mm

Metal head gasket for turbo conversion and performance enhancement

Type: 1.6 VTi 120

Model: BERLINGO Box (B9)

Engine codes: 5FS (EP6C)

Years: 2009-11 -

Thickness: 0,90mm
Bore: 78,50mm
Seal kit for cylinder head without head gasket: N.A.
Sealing kit for engine block: N.A.
Technology: MLS

Athena gaskets, so called Multi Layer Gaskets, are specially designed to withstand high pressures and temperatures. They consist of 3 - 5 different layers with different materials in order to function perfectly in every situation. The combination of the differently shaped individual gaskets makes it possible to achieve a higher compression level and to distribute the tightening torques evenly over the entire cylinder head. Athena seals are the best solution for all iron and aluminum engine blocks or cylinder heads.

The new design is made of high quality 301 stainless steel. Each layer is individually shaped and laser cut to ensure absolute precision. Each part is then subjected to a stress relief process. Only then is the two-component polymer coating applied. A coating that prevents damage and ensures the tightness of cooling and oil elements at all times.

The key to success are also the highly elastic gas stoppers. These are actively deformed under pressure and, when installed, provide the perfect seal around every cylinder bore. This offers the possibility to connect cylinder head and engine block even more tightly. This minimises the risk of engine parts warping, as temperature compensation of individual components can be achieved more quickly. Motorsport technology is now also available in the performance sector. The ATHENA cylinder head gaskets with separate copper WASHERs are even more resistant to high combustion chamber pressures. In addition, they seal the respective cylinders even better. The typical high performance problems with the normal MLS (Multi-Layer-Steel) cylinder head gaskets are thus solved.

EAN: 4063087080060
Car: Citroėn~Berlingo Box~1.6 VTi 120
Engine Part: Cylinderhead gasket
Car Brand: Citroėn