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BOV fits Nissan GT-R R35 Dual Port Kit Black | Turbosmart

Item-No.: 492608
Manufacturer-No.: TS-0215-1027

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BOV fits Nissan GT-R R35 Dual Port Kit Black

Dual Port Kit Black

Consisting of : 2 valves, gaskets, vacuum hoses, clamps and plugs.

Fitting for: Nissan Skyline GT-R R35
Colour: Black

The housing is CNC milled from solid aluminium. The result is particularly small and lightweight valves that can withstand extreme conditions. The Blow Off valves are supplied with a V-band clamp to permanently secure it and at the same time quick fastening. In contrast to other valves with plastic diaphragms, these valves are equipped with a precisely manufactured piston that fits intake into the inside of the housing. This eliminates the risk of these valves starting to leak after a short time. Due to minimal production tolerances, no O-ring is required to seal the piston, making these blow-off valves extremely robust, low maintenance and reliable.
The Dual Port valve can be easily and quickly adapted to the respective requirements by means of the supplied cover. This valve offers the possibility of letting all the exhaust air escape noisily into the atmosphere, returning the air silently into the system or returning part of the air into the system and releasing another part noisily into the atmosphere. In addition, it is possible to mount two trumpets to produce an even louder sound.
Note: This is a motorsport product with improved properties that can be used to replace the original Nissan part.

EAN: 4063087097352
Car: Nissan~GT-R~NISMO 3.8 Nissan~GT-R~3.8 V6
Car Brand: Nissan
anzeige_herstellerartikelnummer: TS-0215-1027
HAN_old: TS-0215-1027